Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Washcloth Pin Corsage

I made these cute little baby washcloth pin corsage's for a baby shower. You can make them for the Mother, Father, even a set for the Grandparents.

I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a package of floral tape.($1.00) A package of Craft flowers. ($1.00) The pins were even included with the flowers.
Then I grabbed a filler bush of baby's breath.($1.00)

I picked up the baby washcloths at Walmart for 94 cents each package.
But I know I have seen some baby washcloths at the Dollar Tree also.
You could make 8 flowers out of 2 packages.

You take out one washcloth and unroll it out on the table. It may already be folded in half but if it is not, you need to do so.

Then fold in half again.

Then start at the bottom and start rolling it up

Once you have rolled it up. Take the floral tape and wrap the bottom of the washcloth shut. It should start to look like a rosebud.

Once you have finished wrapping the bottom with floral tape. Cut a little bit of the baby's breath and a leaf stem and hot glue to the back.
Once the hot glue is dry you can cover the hot glue and leaf stems by wrapping a little more floral tape around the bottom.
I pulled the pins out of the back of the scrapbook flowers and hot glued the flower on the front of the corsage. I used the pin for back of the corsage.

*I am also linked over at A Soft Place to Land for her DIY Day*



Anonymous said...

I love your baby corsage! Thats so cute! I am going to a baby shower next month and i think it would make a great gift! Do you happend to sell them? If you do please post how much they are! thanks! USA crafter

jenjen said...

What a cute idea! Very clever. And I love the name of your blog - so funny!


Heather - said...

Thanks for sending me the link over at Dollar Store Crafts - cute idea!

Rockin Momma said...

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Mine for the Making said...

THis is great! I do the same idea, but in a bouquet by attaching stems!

Love this!